Palm oil – what’s the big deal?

Guest Post by the very lovely Marretta from Two-Winged Fruit

My name is Maretta, CEO and Founder of Two-winged fruit – Rainforest friendly skincare. I’m delighted to have the opportunity to write a guest blog post for ilovemymates. Two-winged fruit is definitely mates with ilovemymates as we share many things in common!

I’d like to write about an issue in which I’m particularly passionate – and Two-winged fruit’s raison d’être – palm oil. Three years ago, when I was on maternity leave with my son, I became aware that rainforests in the humid tropics are being destroyed at alarming rates to make way for oil palm plantations. I also discovered that palm oil is ubiquitous in processed food, household and personal care products.

In processed foods, palm oil is often used as is (but usually called – rather misleadingly – “vegetable oil”). However, in household and skin care products palm oil is generally found as one of its many derivatives.

There are over 200 names for palm oil. Sometimes the name of an ingredient gives a clue, for example “palmitic acid” or “sodium palmitate”. Generally though, it is impossible to tell, for example “vegetable glycerin”, “decyl glucoside” and “cetyl alcohol” are (usually) made from palm oil. These ingredients are often found in products labelled “natural” or “certified organic”!

With a PhD in organic chemistry, and a vision to rid palm oil from my home, I set about creating skin care products that are environmentally sustainable as well as being safe and gentle for my whole family to use, and Two-winged fruit was born.


Two-winged fruit’s skin care is completely palm oil free, 100% natural, ethical and Australian made, and features organic,

locally grown and Australian native ingredients. We are a POI approved brand, and 5% of our online sales are donated to Orangutan Foundation International Australia.

If you’d like to learn tips to avoid palm oil, and other handy facts on living a life that is gentle on the planet, you can join Two-winged fruit’s mailing list at

Two-winged fruit is also delighted to offer ilovemymates online customers a free shipping voucher that will be added to your ilovemymates order!


Anna’s Note: After meeting Maretta online (as is the way these days, hehe), I learned about the real importance of ensuring products are Palm Oil free. For the good of our planet. So, she was ultimately responsible for Ilovemymates making the decision to remove Palm oil from our ingredients list. (and although we do use some of the ingredients listed, they are most definitely the palm oil free versions)

Hot Tip: You will love Two-Winged fruit products. Even Mr Mate has requested more of the spearmint/citrus soap. Our bathroom has never smelled more beautiful

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