Anna Malcolm, Wooly Mates, Eco Mates, owner, founder,Hello! I’m Anna Malcolm, the Founder & CEO of Wooly Mates and Eco Mates.

As a parent, I truly value health and wellness and know that when my family is healthy, they are happier.  Like many mums, I’m careful not to expose my family to household cleaners that may contain toxic chemicals that can cause a serious illness. All cleaning products have natural alternatives that provide healthier options for our home environment.  I am dedicated to educating myself in order to seek healthier products to protect the health and happiness of my family. 

I started Wooly Mates in 2012. I, like many other mothers, didn’t fancy the idea of going back to a corporate job and spending far too little time with my young children.

However, before that, I had already started on my chemical free living journey as a result of two unsuccessful pregnancies. The first unsuccessful pregnancy (a hydatidiform molar pregnancy) was the most scary. The “Big C” was mentioned. Of course, through a whole range of emotions, one of them, and probably the most important one, was to take stock of myself and along with that, my lifestyle and health – of my body and my home.

I created Wooly Mates Wool Dryer Balls and I strive to help as many homes as I can reach, to protect
their family’s health by providing a natural alternative to toxic fabric softeners and dryer sheets.

That’s when I started Wooly Mates. As a way of helping to dry those many, many babies clothes as well as cloth nappies while eliminating the need for fabric softeners. But my dedication to reducing the chemicals in my home, didn’t stop there. In fact, after the birth of my second child, it grew even stronger over the next two years.

After making my own cleaners and buying many natural household cleaners, I became frustrated.

Some worked as well as they promised, but, to me, they smelled like plastic. No thankyou!

Then I’d try another, which smelled wonderful, but didn’t work any better than pretty smelling water.

It was after spending many dollars and time that I decided to research and create my own range of cleaners, to complement the already “famous” Wooly Mates Laundry Dryer Balls.

Enter my second mate, Eco Mates.

A toxic free range of household cleaners for indoors and outdoors. All plant and earth based certified organic ingredients. With particular attention paid to various aspects that I had learned along my toxic free living journey.

There are ingredients that I will use and many that I will NOT use for various health and earth concerns. See my inclusions and exclusions on each item for more information.

I do hope you enjoy using Eco Mates and that they work as well for you in your home, as they have in my home.