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Dryer Balls, Australian wool and Mulesing

I received an email recently that surprised me, initially. But 2 seconds later I realised I was more surprised that I hadn’t received this question far earlier. The question was simply – is your wool from non-mulesed sheep? So to answer this question right up front, in case that is all you want/need to know, the […]

Postnatal depression rage. Its not just tears

Here’s my experience with the not so common symptom of post natal depression….ANGRY MAMA Many years ago my sister suffered post natal depression and although I don’t know all of her symptoms, I thought that there might be a genetic predisposition for me to experience this also. So after having my babies I checked in […]

Palm oil – what’s the big deal?

Guest Post by the very lovely Marretta from Two-Winged Fruit My name is Maretta, CEO and Founder of Two-winged fruit – Rainforest friendly skincare. I’m delighted to have the opportunity to write a guest blog post for ilovemymates. Two-winged fruit is definitely mates with ilovemymates as we share many things in common! I’d like to […]

The Myth of Occasional Kids Treats

I’m not in the business of writing opinion pieces under normal circumstances. Oddly enough! Considering I have many strongly held opinions about…well pretty much everything HA! But I do have quite a bee in my bonnet about this topic. A big huge buzzing bumblebee! Since having kids, myself, I have been working really hard to limit many things which we […]

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