1. Why are Wooly Mates better than regular fabric softeners?

Regular fabric softeners may contain chemicals that are toxic to the environment and are dangerous for people with serious allergies (which are often triggered by these chemicals). Wooly Mates bounce around in your dryer and naturally create space between your laundry items, while the wool absorbs the moisture, allowing the hot air to circulate better, therefore reducing drying time. Finally, as wool absorbs 33% of its weight in water, only the outside layers of the dryer balls absorb the moisture, not through to the core, so they end up perfectly dry at the end of the cycle.

2. How many dryer balls do I need for each load of laundry?

 It varies based on the size of your load of laundry and sometimes, but to lesser extent, on dryer model. For best results, use the Wooly Mates Buying Guide below.

dryer ball buying guide

3. How long will my Wooly Mates last

Your Wool Mates pure Australian wool dryer balls will last for years. Ours are still going after 5 years. Although, once they become small, dense and hard, you will know it is time to replace them

4. Why are Wooly Mates better than other rubber/plastic/tennis balls?

Rubber and plastic balls are made from very harsh chemicals including PVCs, which are released onto your laundry and into the air by the hot dryer air. Not only are these types of dryer balls dangerous to your health, they are toxic to the environment as well. Additionally, the harsh tumbling action of rubber, plastic, and tennis balls may damage your dryer’s sensitive electronic sensors. Finally, some of these types of balls may melt slightly and stain your laundry.

5. My Wooly Mates seem to shed fibres onto my black clothes

If you haven’t used your Wooly Mates yet, start by using them in drying loads like towels or multi colours. If however, you have already experienced this problem, pop your Wooly Mates into a quick wash with some clothes and then straight into the dryer afterwards. You may place the balls into a stocking or a thin sock. But be aware, they felt ever so slightly and you will need to “peel” them off. But this is absolutely not a problem, in fact it is part of the felting/fulling process

6. Having problems with static?

Static is created when clothes become “overdry”. So, even though static is tough to deal with, especially in the winter, there is definitely something you can do.
1.  Stop dryer 10-15 minutes before end of the cycle.
2.  Wet 1-2 Wooly Mates lightly, and toss it back in the dryer
3. Thread a metal safety pin through one of the balls to help “earth” out the static
4. Just like washing, you actually should be sorting your drying also. Keep natural fibres together and the synthetics together.
This helps reduce static since it prevents the air inside the dryer from becoming too dry, which creates more static.

7. I really love having a clean 'smell' on my clothes

Ohhhhh not a problem. Just add a drop or two of your favourite essential oil onto a ball or two, let it soak in, and away you go, scenting your clothes and your home as you dry