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Wooly Mates Organic Coconut Castile Soap Concentrate is a multi-use liquid soap which can be used anywhere in your home: from laundry, dishes, veggies, pets & floors. We don't like having to buy countless different cleaners for each and ever job in the home. So we created a pure, safe and natural multi purpose cleaner, that truly can be used anywhere in your home. Our 250g size of ultra concentrated Organic Coconut Oil Castile Soap will make 2.5 litres of laundry strength liquid. Made from food grade organic coconut oil, with no synthetic preservatives, detergents or foaming agents. Plus it is all packaged up in a recyclable waste free pouch, with virtually zero plastic... this is super clean and super green all in one pack! We don't believe in buying all sorts of different cleaners when one cleaner really can be used safely and effectively throughout your entire home. Natural ingredients Virtually plastic free packaging Land and ocean friendly

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