Natural Cream Dryer Balls Top Up Pack (set of 3)


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Pure Australian wool dryer balls
Wooly Mates Laundry Tumble Dryer Balls Top Up Pack are triple felted from pure Australian NON MULESED wool, for those times your current dryer balls have gone missing. Recommended for small loads in the dryer or a “top up” dry after clothes have mostly dried on line or clothes horse.

These high quality wool balls will last for years. But, if you have lost or misplaced a couple our Top Up Pack will save your laundry. The tumble dryer balls are approximately 7cms in diameter and come in a natural cotton drawstring bag.

Reduces tumble drying time, saves energy and money. Softens fabrics and reduces static and wrinkles.

Handmade in Australia in rural Victoria. Australian grown wool.

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