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Natural Cream Dryer Balls Top Up Pack (set of 3)


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Back in stock end of October. Our single dryer balls are available here.

Wooly Mates Laundry Tumble Dryer Balls Top Up Pack are triple felted from pure Australian NON MULESED wool, for those times your current dryer balls have gone missing.

These high quality wool balls will last for years. But, if you have lost or misplaced a couple our Top Up Pack will save your laundry. The tumble dryer balls are approximately 7cms in diameter and come in a natural cotton drawstring bag, just like the full size set.

Reduces tumble drying time, saves energy, saves money. Softs clothing and bedding and reduce static and wrinkles.

Handmade in Australia in rural Victoria. Australian grown wool. Australian processed wool. Our wool never leaves our Aussie shores….how’s that for carbon reducing?

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Lovely product, Australian made & great customer service

We had an excellent experience with Mates. It was easy to buy online, shipped quickly and the wool balls arrived packed in a lovely little calico bag. Highly recommend this product! Well done MATES. Nina


100% Australian Wool Laundry Tumble Dryer Balls

  • Decrease wrinkles and static in clothes therefore less to zero time ironing.
  • Decrease drying time by up to 25% therefore decreasing energy use and cost.
  • A natural alternative to using toxic commercial dryer sheets and fabric softeners.
  • No animals were harmed in any process of making our wool, all made from new materials.
  • Wool is a natural antibacterial and does not harbour bacteria, therefore they are generally safe for people with sensitive skin.
  • Wooly Mates Dryer balls are very popular for modern cloth nappies, as they do not damage the fibres or reduce the absorption abilities.
  • Performance of dryer balls can vary depending on the make and model of the dryer.
  • As each ball is hand-crafted, characteristic differences may occur individually. Appreciate their uniqueness but be confident they all perform equally.
  • Each set comes in a natural cotton drawstring bag with all the directions ON the bag – perfect for a gift or just to store them.

How to use your dryer balls:

  • Place the 3 Top Up dryer balls into your tumble dryer along with your clean, wet clothes and turn on your machine to the appropriate setting.
  • The dryer balls may pill, this is an indication they are working well. You may use scissors to remove the pills and continue. Or leave them (they create more surface area, and the pilling actually makes them more efficient).
  • To scent your clothes naturally, add your choice of pure essential oils to each ball. You could even tailor the oil used based on the load of washing being dried.
  • When your balls are not in use, we recommend storing them inside the tumble dryer cavity or place them back in the bag in which they came. Please do not store them in plastic.
  • Recommended to use with natural fibres for best results, i.e. cotton, linen, hemp, bamboo, etc.
  • Efficiency of each set is good for an average of 000’s of loads, once balls become dense/firm, it’s time for a new set.

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Pure Australian Wool


Add the 3 balls from your Top Up Pack, along with any original wool dryer balls you have, into your tumble dryer and let these little laundry mates help reduce your drying time.

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