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Surface Care Kit (w free gift)


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The Surface Care Kit includes all your favourites and lets you clean your whole house from top to bottom. All natural household cleaning products made from certified organic plant and earth based ingredients.

Plus you will receive a free randomly selected cleaning gift to make cleaning even easier for you.

Selection will be made from: EuroScrubby natural scrub cloth, Microfibre Cloth or Bamboo Cleaning Brush

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Spray On Wipe Off
Spray On Wipe Off Concentrate
Clean Me Polish Me
Mop It Clean (Herbal Floor Cleaner)

You want to use a product that is safe around  your babies or perhaps your pets. But you also want to protect our precious waterways and planet.

Eco Mates household cleaning products has specially selected ingredients to minimise the chemical load and health impact to your family (including fur kids) as well as being safe for our planet.

Santising your surfaces as you clean, with the added benefits of the highly advanced botanical extracts that are proven to eliminate unpleasant odours, not just mask them. Leaving you with a fresh and clean smelling home, from top to bottom.

We use eco friendly printing, recyclable packaging, unbleached boxes and we even re-use newspapers rather than using fresh paper shred. All this is done to save you money and to ensure our products are as eco and green friendly as possible.

Contains NO: caustic alkalis, petroleum by-products, SLS, toxic colours or fragrances, chlorine, ammoniates, EDTA, parabens, formaldehyde or D-Limonene

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Package Includes

Spray Me Wipe Me, Scrub This Polish That, Mop It Clean