At Eco Mates, we want you to have cleaner laundry and a spotless home, every time while still enjoying a cleaner planet.

We are modernising age old cleaning products to give them a modern twist….creating ultra powerful and long lasting products, which are designed to work just as well in your home, as ours, while also helping to reduce plastic packaging.

Won’t you join us in creating cleaner homes and a cleaner planet .

Thankyou from the depths of my heart.

Hi Anna, Last week I received my Castile soap from you, I was so excited (omg I’m excited about laundry detergent haha)

The packaging was so lovely I didn’t want to rip it open. But rip it open I did. I had worn a silk dress to a NYE party and some oily substance had spilled on it,

conventional powders had not washed stain out so I was very upset ,
dress cost an arm and a leg.
One wash with your Castile soap and stains out and dress looks and feels beautiful and fresh.
I also use it in pump dispensers for hand wash, few drops of my favourite essential oil and it’s lovely. Thankyou.

Sonny / Kalgoorlie

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