We do our absolute best to be as environmentally friendly as possible, both in home and in office. Because our home is also our office, we always do our utmost to reduce carbon expense, waste and plastic.

1. We use recyclable and home compostable shipping packages. Thankyou Hero Packaging ????

2. We will also recycle/reuse our ingredients packaging boxes and bubble wrap, when required, to protect your order in transit.

3. We also ensure that we use organic and/or locally produced and grown ingredients whenever possible. We source our ingredients as close to our location as possible to minimise our product mileage and carbon cost.

4. Our office has energy efficient lights using the latest LED downlights and low wattage globes in all rooms. As well as skylights.

5. We also love to recycle our office paper.

6. Unless you have a large order with many items, we do not use a package slip in order to save further paper consumption.

7. Our wholesale shipping company of choice is carbon neutral. (Come on Australia Post, help us out for our retail customers too)

We do hope you will continue the recycling and reuse/recycle the wrapping and packaging after receiving your order from us

Anna and Eco Mates family x