Scrub Me Polish Me (Marble Paste)


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**Please note – due to my current health issues, I only have this product packaged in our original plastic tubs. Its still the same great Award Winning recipe inside, just the original plastic tubs, that i use for some wholesale clients. Thankyou for your understanding 🙂

Award winning, Australian made and owned Eco Mates Scrub Me Polish Me cleaner has been a cleaning-cupboard staple for many homes. Eco Mates has been tackling those tough cleaning jobs around home, bringing back an unbeatable shine and an outstanding clean every time, naturally!

It uses a special soap formulation with unique marble flour to break down and gently lift even the toughest of stains, grease and grime, out of the surface.

Our Scrub Me paste can be used on most modern surfaces such as natural stone bench tops, laminates, baths, basins, tiles, stove tops, ovens and even stainless steel sinks. It will even restore the shine to your pots and pans!

Best of all, Scrub Me contains no bleaches or harsh chemicals, meaning it’s safe as well as versatile. Plus it contains an organic anti-bacterial and mould inhibiting ingredient

Eco Mates Scrub Me Polish Me (Marble Paste) cleanser & polish is incredible for cleaning grout, tiles, bathtubs, shower screens and even mineral and bore water stains on toilets.

You wont find a better product at for removing rust, metal tarnish, mineral deposits, and stains from most hard surfaces.

Plus, our marble paste has antibacterial and mould inhibiting properties to make this the best tiles and grout cleaner on the market.

Finished with a clean fresh Lemon Myrtle scent.

Biodegradable. Non toxic. Vegan Friendly. Safe for grey water and sceptic systems.

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